🚨London attack 💥 : Latest updates

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Latest updates from London:

  • It has been confirmed that at least 2⃣ French citizens and 1⃣ Australian citizen are among the wounded.

  • At least 48 people have been taken to 5⃣ hospitals🏥 across London to be treated with some in serious condition😔

  • An 👮officer from the British Transport 👮police was among those seriously injured.

  • The British Gov's emergency "Cobra" committee is beginning with May and her ministers; London mayor Sadiq Khan will also attend

  • German Chancellor Angela Merkel expressed🔈 her “sadness and dismay” and French president Emmanuel Macron 🔈said that France was “more than ever” at the side of the UK.

  • 👧Ariana Grande's concert at Manchester scheduled for Sunday evening in support of those killed in Manchester earlier this week will go ahead. Manchester Police👮 released a safety video for those attending, view it here 📹 https://goo.gl/s3uC2b

  • The meeting of the government’s emergency Cobra committee is beginning shortly; ministers are arriving at Downing Street. London mayor Sadiq Khan will also attend

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