Customized Apple-1 to go up for auction this month, could fetch as much as $500k

Yet another functioning Apple-1 will hit the auction block later this month, but this machine offers a few unique characteristics that set it apart from other models that have also recently sold at auction. This particular Apple-1 is expected to fetch between $300,000 and $500,000…

Apple-1 machines are no stranger to the auction block. In 2014, a working Apple-1 was auctioned for $365,000, while the year prior a model signed by Wozniak went for $671,000. Another unit was auctioned in 2015 and expected to sell for over half a million dollars. Most impressively, a special “Celebration” edition Apple-1 fetched $815,000 in auction, though falling short of lofty $1 million estimates.

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