🇮🇳Indian Scientist's Bullet-Proof🔫 Vest for the Army Gets Govt Nod

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A bullet-proof jacket designed by Bengali scientist Professor Shantanu Bhowmick has finally received the government's approval. It will be included in the Prime Minister's 'Make in India' project. The task of manufacturing the jackets will begin after the PMO gives it the green-light.

A joint collaboration between the DRDO and defence ministry, this is the first time in 70 years that the Indian Army will have bullet-proof jacket manufactured completely through indigenous technology. Currently, India spends Rs 1.5 lakh on a single jacket imported from the US. Dr Bhowmick's jacket will cost only Rs 50,000 per jacket. That means India will save Rs 20,000 crores every year.

The present bullet proof jackets being used by our jawans in the Army, BSF, CRPF and Police are heavy, weighing anywhere between 15-18 kgs. These new light weight jackets weigh 6-8 times less at just 1.5 kg. It has 20 layers and the carbon fiber in it will enable the jacket to work in 57 degrees Celsius also.

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