SRK🤓 Is Forced to Interview Riteish Deshmukh 🤣📹:

  |   Shahrukh Khan / Bollywood

By Ra👁

Riteish Deshmukh's 'Bank Chor' proclaims to be " India’s STUPIDEST comic thriller." The makers are set on marketing the film as a slapstick robbery and the goofy Riteish is only too happy to play along.

Keeping in line with that, the makers had released a fake interview with US President Trump, where Riteish interviews Trump in the style of Karan Johar in 'Koffee with Karan.' Following that SRK now

Following that SRK now interviews Riteish and has even bequeathed his King Khan title to King Deshmukh - or so Riteish corners SRK into admitting. Shah Rukh plays along, but prefers to laugh awkwardly instead of giving straight answers to any of Riteish's questions!

Watch it here 📹:

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