White House formally backs plan to privatise air traffic control system

  |   Donald Trump

The White House on Monday formally endorsed a plan to spin off more than 30,000 federal workers into a private, nonprofit corporation, separating the nation's air traffic controllers and those who work on a $36 billion modernization program from the Federal Aviation Administration.

While separating air traffic control from the FAA has been discussed for decades and was proposed under the Clinton administration, the proposal's current iteration has fractured the airline industry, divided the unions that represent the federal workers, raised the ire of private plane operators, been opposed by ranking House Democrats and raised eyebrows in the Senate.

Sen. Bill Nelson (Fla.), the ranking Democrat on Thune's committee, was blunt in his opposition: "Handing air traffic control over to a private entity partly governed by the airlines is both a risk and liability we can't afford to take."

To read full article at the Washington Post - https://goo.gl/SxrKP8

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