✌Modi 🏛Govt ⚙Gears up for 2019 🗳Polls with a Project a Day

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'A project a day' is set to mark the Modi government's run-up for the 2019 parliamentary polls with the highways and shipping ministry have already prepared a list of nearly 500 projects, which will be either inaugurated or for which foundation stones will be laid as the mega battle draws closer.

The identified highway projects covering nearly 15,000km entail investment of about Rs 1.8 lakh crore.

"We will be in a position to roll out more than one project every day. We have worked hard to resolve issues of heldup projects and at the same time we have gone ahead with the highest ever awarding of works. The pace will continue as we bring more existing roads under the NH network," highways minister Nitin Gadkari told TOI.
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