Robert Kubica drives a Formula 1 car for first time since 2011 crash

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At his peak, Robert Kubica was one of the rising stars of Formula 1.

The Polish driver spent five seasons in Formula 1 from 2006 to 2010, before a crash almost ended his career. Taking part in a Rally in Andorra in 2011, the driver crashed into a road barrier which pierced the car.

Kubica lost past of his forearm, breaking an elbow, shoulder and leg. Despite three podium finishes the year before, Kubica never set foot in a Formula 1 car again.

That is, until Tuesday. Kubica returned to Renault F1 to take part in a private test, where the team revealed he "had the biggest smile on after his 115 laps".

The return of Kubica to Formula 1 has heightened the chances of him potentially returning to the sport. A former winner of the Canadian Grand Prix, Kubica's test with Renault may add pressure on their drivers.

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