Yemen's Houthis to boycott UN envoy

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Houthi fighters and their allies in Yemen have rejected the UN Special Envoy to the country, Ismail Ould Cheikh Ahmed as a peace negotiator, accusing him of bias. The head of the rebel-installed Supreme Political Council, Saleh al-Samad, said the UN envoy would no longer be allowed entry to the Houthi-controlled areas in Yemen.

"There will be no more contact with Ismail Ould Cheikh Ahmed and he is not welcome here." Samad added that Ahmed was "not desirable" in efforts to resolve the conflict in Yemen, and if the UN chose another envoy, "he should respect the people’s will."

Houthi spokesman Mohammed Abdul-Salam said the UN envoy had abandoned his neutrality and did not respect UN resolutions. However, he gave no further details and did not say which resolutions he was referring to.

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