205 Live: King Neville reigns supreme

  |   WWE

After a couple of months of a feud between the division's top two stars, Neville and Austin Aries, the cruiserweight division has leapt forward impressively over three days.

First, Neville defended his championship at Extreme Rules in a submission match against Aries. Monday Night, the tenuous alliance between Neville and TJP blew up, leading to an immediate title match between the two on Tuesday night's edition of 205 Live.

It wasn't surprising that the Neville-TJP alliance ended, and abruptly so, but since the alliance only lasted two months, a few concerns come to mind.

There's always a question about the style of match when two clear heels (or faces, for that matter) square off, but these competitors' heel styles match up better than many tradition heel-versus-face contests. Neville is a physical force, with Braun Strowman's injury, he could be the best "monster heel" in all of WWE right now. Perkins is cocky, defiant, technically sound, but not physically overwhelming.

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