🇬🇧 🗳️ UK Election: Hung Parliament

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British exit polls are calling for a hung parliament. This makes Theresa May's election call a massive self-own.

3⃣ weeks ago she was expected to demolish Labour and set the Tories up for a massive majority in Parliament. Over the past 3⃣ weeks she worked ferociously to destroy that advantage, and is now looking to make a deal to get back into power.

When she called the elections, PM May had a 6-seat majority in Parliament. Desirous of a larger majority so she could carry out Brexit with fewer road blocks, she called an election.

Labour looks to increase its strength in Parliament from 232-266, the Liberal Democrats expected to go from 8-14. The only party looking to go down (besides the Tories) is the Scottish SNP who have 56 seats right now.

Already, the Pound has begun to crash against the Dollar.

To reiterate, here are the exit poll standings:

Conservatives: 314

Labour: 266

LD: 14

SNP: 34

Jeremy Corbyn, widely believed to be unelectable has led a resurgence of Labour.

The real question now is, how far off the exit polls are from the real result, and how much of a gap PM May will have to make up.

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