🇬🇧 🗳️ UK Election Update: More results

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Sunderland Central: Labour (despite a 2.3% swing from L to C)

Newcastle East: Labour (swing from C to L)

North Swindon: Conservatives (11% swing to L😱)

Washington & Sunderland West: Labour (swing to C)

So far:

Lab: 5

Con: 1

Top trending search on Google: "Why did Theresa May call an election?" Thing is, even advanced AI cannot answer that question. It's not clear if even she knows any more.

Sinn Fein leader Gerry Adams has confirmed that they will not take their seats in Parliament. As a result, they will not be available for any coalition that is built.

Armed security have arrived to protect Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn's house.

Lab gain in Kensington & Chelsea now expected.

Labour spokesperson feeling his oats: "It looks like the Tories have been punished for taking the British people for granted."

The Spectator reports, "Sense among Tory Cabinet Ministers is that Theresa May’s authority is shot even if she gets a majority of 12"

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