Daniel Tibbets comments on the past, present and future of Lucha Underground

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the in-ring athleticism, over-the-top storylines and emotion-evoking characters -- that sometimes it's easy to forget the group of established names in the television and movie industry who have never worked in wrestling that keep the machine running behind the scenes.

When I heard that as an entertainment company in today's space where you're competing for so many different eyeballs, the most important thing you could be is a brand to your consumer base.

When you look at what El Rey is as a network -- Robert Rodriguez, it's octane, it's escapist entertainment, it's cinematic -- you look at all the developments that Robert built when he built this network and you look at Lucha Underground and you can see the influences of Robert certainly from that cinematic storytelling that he is famous for mixed with Mark Burnett and his producing techniques and capabilities.

It's a great opportunity to have fans, that maybe aren't familiar with it on El Rey, discover it on Netflix, watch Seasons 1 and 2, certainly get excited about the show, and then come to El Rey to watch new episodes.

It was definitely something when I came on board, [I] thought this is the best way, based on El Rey's programming and based on the fact that seasons 1 and 2 were gonna be on Netflix, to really maximize the exposure for the show."

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