Stupid, Useless, Racist'🔊: Ex-👔President of 🇲🇽Mexico to 👱🏼Trump📹:

  |   Donald Trump

After catalysing one of the more poignant viral hashtags at the beginning of this year, Vicente Fox has returned to deliver a message to the President of the United States amid the noise surrounding James Comey's testimony.

"Mexico will not pay for the f----- wall," Fox opens the video, shared on social channel Super Deluxe. "Donald, under no circustances will we pay for this stupid, useless, racist monument." The video, posted on Wednesday, has since amassed more than 21 million views, surely in part due to the former president's directness.

"I know when you came up wih the idea, all the experts thought it would work."

You have gotta watch this! 📹:

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