🇬🇧 🗳️ UK Election Update: Another election on the cards?

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Darlington: Lab (was expected to be Con gain)

South Shields: Lab

Stockton North: Lab

Basildon South: Con (Swing to Con)

Swindon South: Con (by < 500 votes)

Jarrow: Lab

Wrexham: Lab

Llanelli: Lab

So far every seat declared has been a Hold, no gains yet. There are reports of Lab Gains in Cardiff, Gower, and Vale of Clwyd. Nothing confirmed yet.


Con: 7

Lab: 14

The big story of the night is the apparent decimation of the UKIP. Every seat declared so far has seen UKIP numbers down by double digit percentages. If UKIP thought they were going to be picking up Labour votes, Corbyn has sent them another think.

If the exit polls hold, we might well be looking at another general election this year, according to political strategists. Neither party will be able to construct a durable coalition.

In the meantime, what of Brexit?

Keep your umbrellas ready for Boris Johnson's crocodile tears.

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