🇬🇧 🗳️ UK Election Update: Night getting gloomier if you're Conservative

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Lab: 62

Con: 40

SNP: 6

DUP: 4

Plaid Cymru: 2

Ind: 1

Philip Davies has lost Shipley.

Labour's Jared O'Hara, 25, set to beat Nick Clegg in Sheffield Hallam. Just been sent to Tesco to buy a suit because he didn't have one

Tom Watson, Deputy Labour Leader: "Boris Johnson sharpening his knife" to challenge PM May.

Turnout just under 70%, would be the highest since 1997.

As we head deeper into the night: we've seen a lot more Labour gains than Tory. If this keeps up, it's not looking good at all for the ruling party.

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