🇬🇧 🗳️ UK Election Update: Hung Parliament guaranteed

There will not be a Conservative majority. After a long night of counting, it is clear that PM Theresa May's gamble has backfired. Conservatives needed at least 321 seats to manage a majority, they cannot make it there.

Total: 638 seats out of 650

Labour 258

Conservative 312

SNP 34


Sinn Fein 7

Plaid Cymru 3

Lib Dem 13

Independent 1

Speaker 1

There are not enough safe seats left for Conservatives to have a majority in Parliament. However, the DUP will ally with the Conservatives thus guaranteeing the coalition a majority.

But huge question marks loom over Britain's future. Brexit might be put to a vote again. Experts are predicting another general election this year.

It has been reported that PM Theresa May will quit as head of the Tories today. Boris Johnson is the favourite to win the leadership election.

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