🇬🇧 🗳️ UK Election Update: Is the fat lady singing yet?

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Total 623 seats out of 650

Labour 254

Conservative 302

SNP 33

DUP 10

Sinn Fein 7

Plaid Cymru 3

Ulster Unionist Party 0

Lib Dem 11

Independent 2

Speaker 1

It's dawn in the UK. The situation is murkier than it was last night. If Sinn Fein refuses to seat its members, Conservatives only need 321 to get to a majority. They need to win 19 of the remaining 27 undeclared seats.

But one thing is clear: Corbyn led a huge swing of votes to Labour. Based on the totals so far, it looks like Labour got 40.5% of the vote to the Conservatives 41.6%. A mere 1.1% separating them. Much narrower than it looks on the seat totals.

Of the 24 results declared in marginal constituencies visited by PM May, conservatives won a poor 7.

Amber Rudd manages to hang on. It was extremely close – and went to a recount - but in the end she wins by a narrow margin.

Calls for May to quit continue to come in from Conservative politicians.

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