Chris Brown Reveals the Text📱that Led to Rihanna's 🤛🏾 Beating

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Chris revealed in his documentary Chris Brown: Welcome to My Life, that because the pair were Hollywood’s newest power couple and everyone was obsessed with their relationship since they went public in 2007, they kept it together, but Rihanna was reportedly extremely insecure about the other woman Chris has been with.

On the night of the 2009 Clive Davis Grammy party that Rihanna and Chris attended, turmoil ensued when the woman Chris previously slept with showed up at his table to say hi. Rihanna began crying uncontrollably and Chris (who says he had no idea the girl was going to be there, nor did he want her to come up to him) finally calmed her down and the two left in his Lamborghini.

The duo was arguing incessantly and Chris swore to her that he wasn’t keeping any secrets. He begged her to go through his phone and sure enough, she came across an unopened text from the girl at the party, indeed telling him she would be there.

According to the film, it was then that Chris got so angry and fired up, he hit Rihanna with a closed fist, giving her a bloody lip. The rest was history — Rihanna was found alone at the scene, battered and beaten with a black eye, split lip, bloody nose and bite marks on her arm.

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