KPMG 🕵🏻Audits Finds Over 1⃣ M Dead People😳 in EBC Register

  |   Kenya News

The IEBC's register might still have more than one million dead voters. The electoral agency has been urged to thoroughly clean the register to ensure dead people do not "vote".

"In total, when you take into account the number of people who died between 2012-16, you end up with more than one million, who are potentially in the register of voters," KPMG executive director Josphat Mwaura said.

"The biometric registration should be the primary mechanism for identification of voters during the election, because in the event that this is not applied, there is a likelihood of dead persons participating," Mwaura said. Mwaura said there is need for an inter-agency collaboration to ensure the Department of Civil Registration provides a reliable and complete list.

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