Rihanna🎤 Still Has Feelings💓 For Chris Brown!

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Following the release of Welcome To My Life, in which Chirs goes into a great deal about his relationship, Rihanna realised that deep down she still has feelings for her ex. “It’s a bittersweet situation,” a source tells HollywoodLife.com EXCLUSIVELY. “Obviously it ended on a horrific note, but up until that

Reportedly, it’s a bittersweet situation. Obviously it ended on a horrific note, but up until that point it was great between them - at least most of the time. Rihanna can‘t help thinking ‘what if?’ and how different her life would be if she and Chris tied the knot.

There was a time (before the assault, obviously) when the Barbadian beauty thought the “Zero” rapper was the key to her happily ever after. Maybe she would be a mom by now, and according to reports, that’s something she‘s always wanted. Rihanna has really struggled to move on from Chris, nobody since has managed to live up to him.

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