Uzbekistan outcry over death of teenager Jasurbek may signal change

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In early May, Nilufar Aliyeva received a phone call from her 17-year-old son Jasurbek. He asked her to come home urgently. His weak and struggling voice terrified Ms Aliyeva. When she got home, she saw her son covered with blood and his back was full of bruises.

Jasurbek Ibragimov was badly beaten, allegedly by a group of students who bullied him. He died in hospital a month later. His death could have gone unnoticed. However, it has turned out to be a major shake-up for the repressive system in Uzbekistan.

Shortly before Jasurbek's death, his mother wrote a letter to the president asking for justice. That letter went viral on social media and Facebook and Telegram groups copied and shared the text. Those who beat Jasurbek to death, Nilufar Aliyeva wrote, bragged that they could get away with it since their parents who were lawyers could buy the police. It was this feeling of impunity that made people particularly furious about this case.

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