Adam Silver drafts guidelines penalizing teams resting 'multiple starters on the same night'

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The NBA is ready to further outline its expectations for what constitutes appropriate rest, as the league looks to find a way to legally outlaw the sort of embarrassing bouts of star absences that seemed to bedraggle its best-known players on the date of what should have been some of the NBA’s showcase games.

Adam Silver was recently asked f the league was ready to get heavy-handed with its policy, presuming that it could between bouts of collective bargaining with the players union:

“We’re not ready to go there yet,” said Silver. “We had a conference call with the competition committee earlier today, and as I had said the other day, where we’re heading is the adoption of a set of guidelines that will be in place for next season which will strongly recommend that the extent players are rested, they’re rested at home and not rest multiple starters on the same night.”

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