'Bahubali 2' ⚔ Prompts Salman💪🏽 to Compare North & South Audiences👥

  |   Salman Khan / Bollywood

By Ra👁

Salman's💪🏽 take on the massive success of Baahubali 2 ⚔ in Hindi is interesting. He says it's the contrast between fans'😍 acceptance of films.

🔈: “I will tell you why numbers have become such a big thing. The most amazing thing about Baahubali’s success is that the Hindi audiences are so accepting. They have made a Telugu film so large, even though they do not know South heroes apart from three or four of them. South audiences know us there; yet, our films do not do that volume of business because their fans have an extraordinary sense of loyalty to their actors."

He goes on to add, 🔈: "Fan following is very strong — if there is a Kamal Haasan fan, then he will be a Kamal fan forever; Rajinikanth fan will be a Rajinikanth fan for life. We have piracy here; one should try indulging in piracy there, fan clubs wouldn’t allow it.”

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