Shahid & Kareena👫 Reuniting for Jab We Met🚂 Sequel?

  |   Bollywood

By Ra👁

Not too long ago, director Imtiaz Ali talked about a possible sequel to the blockbuster film that became one of the best performances Shahid's and Bebo's careers. Ali said, “Shahid and I wanted to do a film together. Hopefully we will. But these things are announced only when the fine print is done. Which is why we’re not announcing anything. There’s no secret. I cannot say anything till I finalise; we won’t issue a statement.”

So naturally, the paps sought a confirmation from Shahid to ask if Kareena was a part of the film. But all that the tight-lipped star was willing to divulge was, “That you will have to ask Kareena.”

And so the question went to Bebo, who said, “That thought hasn’t come to us yet. We’ve not come this far.”

Someone please make a sequel to this favourite already!

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