God Has 🙅‍♂️Rejected Mnangagwa: 🔊Ngarivhume

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Image Credits: The Zimbabwean

Transform Zimbabwe🇿🇼 leader Jacob Ngarivhume has said President Emmerson Mnangagwa’s government has been rejected🚫 by God.

Addressing church leaders in Masvingo yesterday, Ngarivhume, a member of the MDC Alliance, said the political events that led to the demise of Robert Mugabe were an indication🙏 of a temporary transition.

“God👼 is ready to transform Zimbabwe. Remember we have tried a number of methods, hoping to liberate ourselves from the oppressive regime.

Let God’ s will be done in Zimbabwe. In a few months, Zimbabwe will be totally👍 transformed,” said Ngarivhume.

“God has given us abundant resources in this country but I have always said the failure of Zimbabwe is a result of the failure of our leadership. Physical change starts in the spiritual realm. The people of Zimbabwe will soon rise⬆ as an army because God is ready to transform our country,” added🗣 Ngarivhume.

He added: “Mnangagwa is not👎 our political saviour. Mugabe was the Red Sea and it was difficult for us to defeat him.

Mnangagwa is the Jordan River🌊 and we will easily cross into the promised land.

Zanu PF has rigged elections in the past but this time it will not work. We are praying🙏 for a God fearing generation.”

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