If I Were 👔President, I Will ‘Clamp Down’ on 🐂Herdsmen🔊: Bakare📹:http://v.duta.us/IbJ9XQAA

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A former Vice-Presidential Candidate of the defunct Congress for Progressive Change (CPC), Mr Tunde Bakare has said that if he is Nigeria’s President, he would ‘clamp down’ on herdsmen. Bakare in an interview with Channels Television on Sunday lamented the spate of killings allegedly carried out by herdsmen in some parts of the country and faulted the use of the word ‘cattle colonies’ as suggested by the Federal Government.

“I can understand if you say let us create ranches because this would boost our economy, but the word colony used is so unfortunate and absolutely insensitive. Who are you colonising? “I will clamp them down in so many ways. Are there no forests in Sambisa forest where you can have ranches?” he questioned.

Bakare, who is also the Senior Pastor of Latter Rain Assembly, is of the view that the country is in a state of war considering the attacks that have sent many to their early graves.


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