BEPA Warns ⚠ Against Reducing Role of Coal in SA’s 🇿🇦 Energy Mix

  |   Sanews

The Black Energy Professionals Association (BEPA) is warning of thousands of job losses and a collapse of the coal and nuclear industries if government’s draft Integrated Resources Plan (IRP) is adopted in its current form.

The association has gone as far as to predict ghost towns in Mpumalanga and Limpopo if the country reduces its reliance on coal energy.

It’s one of several organisations which this week have made public submissions to Parliament’s energy committee on the draft plan.

It says nuclear energy should also not be side-lined until its true costs are known.

The IRP makes provision for two new independent coal-fired power stations - a move not met favourably by several organisations.

But BEPA is cautioning against reducing the role of coal in the country’s energy mix.

The association’s Meta Mhlari said: “Coal is our own resources; we do not want to wake up and we have ghost towns.”

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