Finn Jailed 😱 for 22 Months Over Pro-Russian 🇷🇺 Hate Campaign

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A Finnish court has sentenced the founder of a pro-Russian website to 22 months in prison on charges of defamation and negligence.

The court said MV-Lehti published offensive content about Jessikka Aro, an investigative journalist.

Ilja Janitskin and two other journalists were ordered to pay 136,000 euros (£119,300) in compensation.

Aro had been the subject of a hate campaign following her reporting on online Russian propaganda.

MV-Lehti is a well-known right-wing, anti-immigrant, Eurosceptic, pro-Russian publication.

Jessikka Aro is a reporter for the Finnish national broadcaster YLE. In 2014, she began investigating the existence of pro-Russian troll factories. MV-Lehti published disparaging stories about her, including an article accusing her of being a drug addict.

Aro received death threats, was mocked on YouTube, was the subject of insulting memes and personal information including her address, medical records, contact details and whereabouts was published online.

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