[gauteng] - AfriForum calls for businessman's prosecution over grandchild's rape

  |   Johannesburgnews

Tshwane - Civil rights group AfriForum on Thursday applied for a nolle prosequi certificate to enable it to privately prosecute "a prominent person in the financial sector for allegedly raping his granddaughter who was three at the time.

"Just imagine, you get abused in your grandfather's house, you are three years old, you report to your mother and father and your father first confirms this report but later denies it. A psychologist, in a psycho-legal report confirms this sexual assault ... what happens to her? She gets threatened by the father who tells her that you will rue the day you ever met us'," head of AfriForum's private prosecution unit Advocate Gerrie Nel told journalists in Pretoria.

Photo - http://v.duta.us/6ShEzwAA

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