Josh Peck & Miranda Cosgrove Reunite 🤝 11 Years After ‘Drake & Josh’ 😱 - 📹

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More than a decade after the last episode of 'Drake & Josh,' Miranda Cosgrove reunited with her television brother, Josh Peck, in a heartwarming video that hit fans right in the feels.

Nickelodeon kids got a face full of nostalgia on Oct. 18, thanks to YouTube star David Dobrik, 22.

The vlogger and obvious Drake & Josh fan figured that, just for fun, he would try to get Megan Parker and Josh Nichols - aka Miranda Cosgrove, 25, and Josh Peck, 31, - in the same room for the first time in a long time.

"I feel like there's a catch coming," Josh said, as he clearly had watched some of David's prank videos before coming over.

This is not the first Drake & Josh reunion that has happened in recent months. After Josh and Paige announced they were expecting, they decided to tell their friends and film their reaction. One such reaction featured Drake Bell, 32, the “Drake” in Drake & Josh. “Dude, this is so wild,” he says. “Are we that old. This is nuts. I’m so happy for you, man.”

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