Nugent Says SARS Inquiry Will Not Be Diverted 👎 by Side Issues

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Retired Judge Robert Nugent has rejected claims that his findings and recommendations against suspended South African Revenue Service (Sars) commissioner Tom Moyane transgressed into the grounds of the disciplinary hearing he’s currently facing.

Nugent recommended that President Cyril Ramaphosa remove Moyane as commissioner as a matter of urgency and appoint a new candidate to bring stability to the organisation.

Advocate Azhar Bham postponed Moyane’s disciplinary two weeks ago pending the outcome of a constitutional challenge to the establishment of the hearing as well as the commission of inquiry.

Nugent says he’s stuck to his ruling handed down in July, that he will not deal with matters being dealt with in Moyane’s disciplinary hearing.

“We are not interested here in disciplinary transgressions. Our concern here has arisen from the fact that we have heard 60 or 70 witnesses, and after a while, you realise that there’s no going back on this. There’s one thing that has to happen as a matter of management.”

The judge says the commission will not be diverted by side issues.

He says until a court says they must stop, the commission has a course it will follow to completion.

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