Rumours👂: SmackDown 1000 Changes, NXT & Impact Signings❗

Rumours of the day:

🔰 PW Insider says SmackDown 1000 was originally supposed to open with Rey Mysterio vs. Shinsuke Nakamura, “but there was a lot of shuffling of segments in the last few hours prior to the show.”

🔰 Time was cut from that match, Mysterio’s entrance and Undertaker’s …

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⭐John Cena Becomes New York Times👌 Best Selling Author

As if there was something John Cena hadn’t already accomplished, you can add New York Times Best Selling Author to the list. There is truly nothing this guy can’t do as his Children’s book, Elbow Grease which was released in stores on October 9th, hit #1 on …

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Why WWE Cut The ⭐Undertaker's SmackDown 1000 Promo Short👀

The Undertaker closed SmackDown 1000 with an abrupt promo, recycling Raw material as he promised to make D-Generation X "rest in peace" at Crown Jewel on 2 November.

Ring entrance aside, the whole thing lasted just a few seconds, leaving fans confused as to why 'The Deadman' had been brought …

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