🇺🇸US Move to Abolish🚫 H-4 Visa Work Permits🛩 to Impact Over 70,000 Indians

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Abandoning the Obama-era rule of granting work permits to H-4 visa holders - who are spouses of professionals holding H-1B visas, mostly Indians - will benefit some US workers, the Department of Homeland Security believes.

The Trump administration is planning to revoke a rule that makes spouses of thousands of immigrant workers eligible to work while in the US, a move that could impact tens of thousands of Indians.

H-4 visa is issued to the spouse of H-1B visa holders, a significantly large number of whom are high-skilled professionals from India. They had obtained work permits under a special order issued by the previous Obama administration in 2015.

The move to end the rule could have an impact on more than 70,000 H-4 visas holders, who have work permits.

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