Ferrari to👍 Try New floor Again as Red Bull😒 Copies Idea

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Ferrari is to test its new floor again in Mexico this weekend, with rival Red Bull also set to run its own version of the concept.

Ferrari has not been convinced by the new floor idea so far, having abandoned it after practice in both Japan and America, but its decision at both races was influenced by poor weather conditions in practice leading to a lack of useful running.

Although rolling back on its updates helped Ferrari deliver victory in Austin last weekend, the team still wants to understand more about the new floor idea.

It has fitted the upgrade again to Sebastian Vettel's car for Friday practice in Mexico so it can do a proper back-to-back with the old floor that Kimi Raikkonen will run.

The floor features a long slot at the rear in front of the rear tyre, and it was modified last weekend with a series of three fins aimed at both energising the airflow and diverting debris away from the diffuser area.

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