Anushka🔈: Our Audiences Are More Evolved Than Our Industry

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In her decade-long career in Bollywood, actor Anushka Sharma has often pushed the envelope, with films such as PK (2014), NH 10 (2015), Sultan, (2016) and Pari (2018). Her latest release, Sui Dhaaga – Made in India, saw her playing a small-town woman who starts a garment business along with her husband (character played by Varun Dhawan). In a sit down interview, Anushka tells us why people should stop making a hue and cry each time an actor goes deglam onscreen, why ‘niche’ and ‘commercial’ are subjective terms, and why doing ‘realistic’ films is the need of the hour.

Why it becomes a big deal when an actor goes deglam onscreen?

Sui Dhaaga is a very commercial film, which has got a huge appeal. But, at the same time, the way in which the story is told, the world which we show, is extremely realistic. So suddenly, Varun [Dhawan, her co-star] and I can’t look like we are out of this [film] world, and that’s the demand of cinema today. You just have to do what’s required of your character you’re playing.

Have actors become evolved and are taking up this kind of cinema?

It’s the audience I think that are quite a bit more evolved, than even our industry. I feel somewhere they are always the driving force behind the change you see on screen.

What about those who felt Sui Dhaaga is for niche audience?

What is niche to somebody and what is commercial to somebody, who knows? It’s a very subjective thing. And listen, we’re talking about a country of 1.3 billion people. If two people are saying that [they find it niche], we can’t ignore what hundred others are saying and listen to these two people. But, the fact is that even if two people have said this, it’s fair enough on their part to feel this way.

You’ve worked with the Khans and younger lot of actors too. Do you always learn a thing or two from your co-stars?

I believe you should never feel like you know enough. It’s always nice to learn from somebody. It’s always good to be open and be creatively charged and open minded. That’s how our senior actors are similarly; we’d also like to be.

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