Governor: 🔈"State Scheming To Grab Our Land"

  |   Kenya News

The state is planning to change laws to allow it to reposses land under the trusteeship of the Garissa county government, Governor Ali Korane has said.

Korane yesterday said state officials were working to ensure the state has a say on community land. He said the state wants to amend the Community Lands Act.

He said most parcels in Garissa have not been subdivided as in most pastoral communities.

“We know of the schemes by some people who are working to make sure that land in our custody is taken over by the national government. We will resist such attempts even if it means going to court,” Korane said.

He was speaking in Garissa town. The governor did not name the state officials. “Those state officials should know that the Constitution entrusts the management of community land to the county government,” he said.

The governor said some state agencies have allocated themselves huge parcels without consultation with the county government.

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