Mboweni Slated in Parly Over Tweets 🐦 About 'War' 💪 Against SA 🇿🇦 Editors

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The Finance Minister's late night tweets have come under the spotlight in Parliament.

Tito Mboweni recently took to Twitter to threaten war against South African media editors.

He was issued a swift reprimand by the South African National Editors' Forum, which reminded him he'd taken an oath to uphold the Constitution, which guarantees press freedom.

Mboweni was taken to task again in the National Assembly on Tuesday afternoon, although he wasn't there to hear it.

The minister was conspicuous by his absence when parties started debating the Division of Revenue Amendment Bill that he tabled during his mid-term budget review last month.

The Democratic Alliance’s David Maynier suggested Mboweni stayed away because his suggestion that South African Airways (SAA) should be shut down did not fly, and likened him to a more sophisticated Donald Trump when it came to his “meltdown on Twitter”.

"What we need is for the minister to get a grip and to start acting like a finance minister, and he could start by apologising for his attack on the media.”

African National Congress MP Ndabakayise Gcwabaza denied that Mboweni was in hot water with the ANC for saying SAA should be closed down.

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