[northern-cape] - Robbers ‘clean out’ Kimberley jewellery store

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Kimberley - A Kimberley jewellery store was completely ransacked during a robbery early Monday morning.

M&E Jewellers, situated at the Spar Centre in Memorial Road, suffered losses of between R300 000 and R400 000 after three men broke open the store’s doors and “cleaned out” the shop’s content before fleeing.

According to the owner of M&E Jewellers, Rinus Weenink, the shop’s alarm went off at around 2.50am on Monday morning.

“After being alerted that the shop’s alarm had gone off, I drove from home to the shop and found the front doors wide open. Inside, the cupboards had all been broken open and cleared of stock, including watches and silver jewellery, that is not kept in the safe. We estimate the losses at around R300 000 to R400 000,” Weenink said on Monday....

Photo - http://v.duta.us/CUOQQwAA

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