Battlefield V🔥 to Receive Time to Kill👍 Changes

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With Battlefield V now in full release, players are voicing concerns about the speed at which kills and deaths are occurring, and it appears that DICE is listening. Taking to Twitter, Battlefield V Core Gameplay Designer Florian Le Bihan has offered some insight into how the company plans to address these concerns, confirming that Time to Kill (TTK) and Time to Death (TTD) changes are coming to the new first-person shooter.

To clarify, TTK indicates how long it takes to kill an opponent (from the perspective of the attacker), and TTD is how long it takes to be killed (from the perspective of the victim). These values are critical components of any first-person shooter, determining the speed of the game’s action and providing a framework for how quickly players will need to respond to an oncoming attack.

As such, striking a balance that allows players to feel that they have adequate time to react without making gunplay sluggish is key. The problem is that this line is highly variable per player. While an experienced shooter may prefer a more skill-testing and swift TTK, new players may find this simply too punishing.

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