Sea of Thieves🌊 Achievement Took 2,000 Hours😳 to Complete

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Earlier this year, Rare and Microsoft released Sea of Thieves, a sandbox pirate adventure title where players could group up and sail together. On its face, Sea of Thieves was a promising idea but many gamers felt the release was lacking in content, and Rare’s free DLC additions didn’t do much to entice players back. Still, the game has its fair share of fans, one of which just became the first player to complete every achievement in the game.

Speaking with True Achievements, an Xbox player with the gamertag Zyx shared their accomplishment. Initially, achievement-tracking websites estimated that it would take upwards of 10,000 hours for a Sea of Thieves player to complete every achievement but Rare made some important updates that trimmed that time.

According to Zyx, the ability to find message in a bottle missions helped with the Merchant Forager achievement, which requires that the player deliver 1,000 banana crates. Prior to the update, banana crates were a rare sight but Rare fixed that. Even so, finding and delivering 1,000 banana crates is still going to take time – and for Zyx that time was 2,000 hours.

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