World Chess👑 Championship🏆 Game 12: Shocking😨 Draw After Carlsen's💪 Strong Position

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Game 12 ended in a draw after 31 moves and three hours. The world championship will now be settled on Wednesday in a tie breaker. Carlsen played a stronger game today, as compared to the American. The champion offered a draw after 30. ... g6 31. Rd1 Ra8 and Caruana accepted. It was an absolute shocker given Carlsen’s position and advantage on time.

Watch the presser:

“I wasn’t necessarily going for the maximum,” said Carlsen, essentially admitting that he was content with a draw after move 20.

“I was a bit surprised by the draw offer. I can never be better (than move 31). And I dont really have any active ideas. If anything, black is better. At least I thought was over the worst of it. I thought it was much more dangerous a few moves ago.” said Caruana.

Carlsen will play with the white pieces in the first game of Wednesday’s rapid play-off after the drawing of lots is conducted. Here’s a look at the format:

--> Best of four rapid games with 25 minutes for each player with an increment of 10 seconds after each move.

--> If still tied, they will play up to five mini-matches of two blitz games (five minutes for each player with a three-second increment).

--> If all five mini-matches are drawn, one sudden-death ‘Armegeddon’ match will be played where White receives five minutes and Black receives four minutes. Both players will receive a three-second increment after the 60th move. In the case of a draw, Black will be declared the winner.

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