[gauteng] - 'We need gender consciousness': Wits inaugurates first black female chancellor

  |   Sowetonews / Vereenigingnews / Johannesburgnews

Dlamini takes the reins from Justice Dikgang Moseneke who has served for two six-year terms in this position, she starts are duties immediately.

The ninth Chancellor of the University will serve as the titular head of the institution and the guardian of the University. Dlamini had nothing but praise African women and said they have always led no matter where they found themselves in the world, although they have not received the recognition for their selfless service.

“In spite of the ruling party’s efforts to legislate on women empowerment, we are not there yet. Gender democracy, gender consciousness that validates women in the eyes of others, gender consciousness by both men and women, is what we need. The consciousness that reminds us that we are equal in spite of being different. Our contribution and talent need equal recognition from gender bias....

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