Raila Odinga Calls💬 MPs 'Anti-People' for Demanding⬆️ Pay Rise

  |   Kenya News

Orange Democratic Movement party leader Raila Odinga has criticised MPs for their clamour for enhanced perks, terming the Parliamentary Service Commission Bill as ‘anti-people and insensitive’ that should be disowned and rejected.

Voicing his opposition of the Bill that seeks to enhance MPs allowances, Mr Odinga told the lawmakers to appreciate that the country is struggling with huge debts that cut through a broad spectrum of the economy and deficits strangling specific critical sectors.

“Parliamentary Service Commission Bill is a case of grand larceny and an anti-people and insensitive demand that should be disowned and rejected as inappropriate and unacceptable to a great majority of Kenyans, if not all, at this time,” Mr Odinga said in a statement.

The former Prime Minister appealed to the lawmakers that as custodian of the wishes of the people, they should lead other branches of the government in ensuring responsible fiscal policy and sustainable and responsible use of public finances, not piling up the burden.

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