Skite Wins🎉 Fortnite EU Winter❄ Royale

The Fortnite Winter Royale has wrapped up in the European region and LeStream Skite has taken the top prize.

The Winter Royale event was a chance for amateur players and aspiring pros to make a name for themselves in competitive Fortnite, since it was open to everyone.

200 players qualified …

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OGN Holds👍 North American Launch Event, Showcases✨ PUBG Production

On December 8, Korean media company OGN will be opening its brand new Los Angeles-based esports studio and arena to the public for a special event called the “OGN Supermatch: Alpha.” This follows the announcement in October of OGN’s expansion into North America for PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds (PUBG)-related …

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Destiny 2🔥 Adding Private Gambit Matches👌 Next Season

As Bungie and Activision continue to press on with their continued support of Destiny 2, the ever approaching slew of seasonal content packages look to bring with it new features, via both player demand and improved quality of gameplay. One of those features has major implications on the newest mode …

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GameStop Reports💰 $488 Million Loss👎 In Third Quarter

Physical game sales have been on the decline for quite some time as the games industry continues its march towards a digital market, with some analysts even stating games will be all-digital by 2022. GameStop has been struggling to keep up with this market shift for quite some time and …

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Ninja Responds💬 to Report on Fortnite😨 Addiction

Fortnite has consistently remained in the spotlight since its release last July, but this week it headlined on Bloomberg for less than stellar reasons. To be specific, young players were being sent to rehab to tackle their Fortnite addictions.

Fortnite has been a massive hit with younger audiences, but this …

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PUBG Mobile📢 Announces Resident Evil 2🔀 Crossover

Not too long ago, Bluehole Studio made an announcement to confirm that its battle royale phenomenon, PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds, will finally release on PS4 after the game’s stint as a timed console exclusive for Xbox. Now, the Android and iOS version of the game is stepping into the spotlight …

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Diablo🔥 Projects to Be Announced📢 in 2019

It’s been almost a whole month since Blizzard announced Diablo Immortal for mobile devices at BlizzCon and sent its devoted fans into a whirlwind of rage and scorn. The backlash was so severe that it even caused the company’s stock to drop. Though Blizzard did defend the mobile …

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