[western-cape] - Calls mount to scrap drought levy after CoCT relaxed water restrictions

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Cape Town - While Cape Town residents have received some relief on water restrictions, a lobby group has called for the drought levy to be scrapped.

Stop CoCT’s Sandra Dickson believes while the relaxed water restrictions have brought relief to ratepayers, the drought levy should be scrapped and the high tariffs addressed.

Dickson said while on the surface it appeared that ratepayers might save costs, some might find themselves paying more.

“On a rough calculation, if someone under the Level 5 restrictions used about 8.5kilolitres a month they would have paid around R240, but now under Level 3, if they use an extra 4kilolitres they will pay R20 extra. The amount might seem insignificant but if they keep consuming more, that will add up to a high amount. Our main goal should be to continue saving water and using less,” said Dickson....

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