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Syria war: Fresh strikes 😱 on besieged Eastern Ghouta kill dozens 💐

More than 60 civilians have reportedly been killed in fresh Syrian government attacks on the besieged rebel-held Eastern Ghouta region outside Damascus.

First responders from the Syria Civil Defence said air and artillery strikes on the town of Marj left 24 dead there.

A monitoring group said 127 civilians were …

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Russia 🇷🇺 admits dozens of Russian casualties 😢 in Syria battle

Russia's foreign ministry has confirmed that "several dozen" Russian citizens - not regular soldiers - were killed or wounded in a recent battle in Syria.

The foreign ministry, quoted by the RIA news agency, described the casualties as "Russian citizens who went to Syria of their own accord for various reasons".

The …

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Wealthy Japanese man 💰 wins 💪 custody of 13 surrogate children

A Thai court has given a wealthy Japanese businessman sole custody of 13 children he fathered through surrogates in Thailand.

Mitsutoki Shigeta, 28, made a headlines in 2014 for what became widely known as the "baby factory" case. It was one of several cases that led to the country banning …

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Cape Town's 😱 'Day Zero' forecast pushed to July 👏

The day that taps in drought-hit Cape Town are forecast to run dry has been pushed back another month to July 9, authorities in the South African city announced on Tuesday.

At one point, South Africa's second most populous city had previously been expected to run out of water on …

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Trump-Russia 🇷🇺 inquiry: Lawyer 🔨 Alex van der Zwaan charged

A London-based lawyer has been charged with making false statements to investigators looking at links between Donald Trump's election campaign team and Russia.

Court documents allege that Alex van der Zwaan made the false statements when questioned about his work for Ukraine's Ministry of Justice.

He is the 19th person …

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Scores more killed in Syrian enclave

Pro-regime forces continued to bombard the opposition-controlled enclave of eastern Ghouta in Syria on Tuesday, leaving dozens dead, after more than 100 people were killed and hundreds wounded on a day of “hysterical” violence on Monday.

The surge in the killing came amid reports of an impending regime incursion into …

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Iran plane crash wreckage 'found on mountain'

Iran's Revolutionary Guards say they have found the wreckage of a passenger plane that crashed on Sunday. State TV aired footage, taken from a helicopter, purportedly showing wreckage on snowy mountainsides. The Aseman Airlines plane came down in the Zagros mountains in the west of the country and all 66 …

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China secretly talking to Baloch militants to protect CPEC

China has been quietly holding talks with Baloch militants in Pakistan's restive Baluchistan province for over five years to protect its USD 60 billion China-Pakistan Economic Corridor initiative, according to a media report. The 3,000-km-long CPEC is aimed at connecting China and Pakistan with rail, road, pipelines and optical …

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WHO warns of soaring rates of measles in Europe

Europe has seen a big surge in measles cases in 2017, which the World Health Organization says is a tragedy after a record low of 5,273 cases in 2016. Cases increased four-fold, with more than 20,000 people affected and 35 deaths. Fifteen European region countries, including the UK …

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Singapore govt to give one-time tax bonus to citizens

Singapore's Finance Minister, Heng Swee Keat today unveiled the budget for the fiscal year 2018 in the Parliament. During the event, Heng Swee Keat also announced a hongbao - a bonus - of up to 300 Singapore dollars for the citizens of Singapore. Keat added that all Singapore citizens aged 21 and …

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Major Russian 🇷🇺 mafia trial 🔨 opens in Spain

A Russian MP, Vladislav Reznik, and 17 other suspects have gone on trial in Madrid accused of massive money-laundering for a Russian mafia gang.

The money-laundering by Russian gangsters in Spain is said to have started in the 1990s, when rich Russians began buying luxury villas in the Costa del …

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Lindsey Vonn: 'I'm not going to back down' to 😠 online abuse 💪

Trolled on social media, Lindsey Vonn has a message for the people targeting her online -- they haven't "won."

The US skier has been intermittently abused on social media after she told CNN in an interview in December that she wouldn't visit the White House should she win a medal at …

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Runaway cow 🐮 escapes slaughterhouse to live on Polish island❗

A cow set for a slaughterhouse has instead escaped, by ramming a fence and swimming to an island. The runaway bovine has sought sanctuary on the islands of Lake Nyskie in southern Poland for the past few weeks.

Its owner gave up on capturing the animal after attempts to retrieve …

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Iran: Three police 👮 officers die in clashes 💐 with dervishes

Three Iranian police officers have been killed in clashes with members of a Sufi Muslim religious community, police say.

A protest by dervishes at a police station in northern Tehran turned violent when the policemen were hit and killed by a bus.

Rights groups say Sufi dervishes have faced persecution …

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