Donald Trump

Bush-era diplomat tweets 🐦 that you should be scared, very scared ⚠

A high-ranking official from former President George W. Bush's State Department shared a dire assessment of the current geopolitical state of affairs, calling it "the most perilous moment in modern American history."

President Donald Trump "is now set for war on 3 fronts: political vs Bob Mueller, economic vs China …

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On a high note 👍

President Trump's weekend seems to have started 👍 on a high note, with First Lady Melania Trump posting a picture 📷 of them together on twitter after rumors of a rocky marriage 👀 following the Stormy Daniels issue, apart from which the House Intelligence Committee decided that there was no collusion between the …

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Trump replaces 👀 McMaster with Bolton❗

President Trump replaces US National Security Adviser HR McMaster with Bush-era defence hawk John Bolton. In a tweet, Mr Trump said he was thankful for Mr McMaster's service and said he had done an "outstanding job".

Last week, Mr Trump fired Secretary of State Rex Tillerson via Twitter, replacing him …

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