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Ask Didi: Pregnant women 🤰 forget easily?

(+27...9) asks is true that pregnant women 🤰 forget easily?

There is mixed evidence on whether "pregnancy brain" really exists. While it's proven that pregnancy alters the female brain, it's uncertain whether these brain changes leads to forgetfulness. Many pregnant women and new moms do seem to experience forgetfulness though …

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Ask Didi: Sex = emotional closeness💖?

(+23...8) asks does sex mean emotional closeness💖?

In a healthy relationship, sex can bring two people even closer, both physically and emotionally. In a bad relationship, or if there is no relationship at all, sex can be completely disconnected from emotional closeness and simply remain a physical act. In …

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Ask Didi: Loving relatives more than me💔!

(+26...8) asks boyfriend says he loves his relatives more than me💔!

While it's reasonable for a boy to put his family first (a man should care about his family!) it's still odd that he would say this to you. If you feel that he doesn't value you and shows …

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