WWE champion AJ Styles: I'm not the best wrestler in the world

AJ Styles regularly features at the top of fans' "best wrestler in the world" polls but the man himself does not believe he is worthy of such a billing.

WWE champion Styles is on course for a WrestleMania clash with Shinsuke Nakamura which is a "dream match" for many followers …

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Rey Mysterio closer to a HUGE return ahead of WrestleMania 34

Rey Mysterio is set to meet with WWE doctors to have his injury checked ahead of potentially signing a new contract with the wrestling giants.

According to PWInsider, Mysterio is expected to travel to Birmingham, Alabama later this week and have his partially torn bicep examined.

If everything goes well …

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Hulk Hogan In Talks With WWE, Company Issues Statement

WWE officials are currently having talks about a Hulk Hogan return, according to PWInsider. Discussions for the return began several weeks back.

Hogan’s WWE return has depended on the company being reasonably sure that bringing him back won’t cause a big backlash due to his racist comments debacle …

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