Android Tops iOS in Loyalty Survey📊, the Fight Forward Will Be Over Switchers📲

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CIRP is out today with new data on mobile operating system loyalty. While it’s well-known Android has more users than iOS, Apple fans often cite that the walled-garden ecosystem has a high level of customer loyalty. However, Android enjoys very high user loyalty as well and it’s actually higher than iOS with 91%.

The new report from CIRP shows that Android loyalty came in 91%, while iOS followed five points behind at 86%. The data was “measured as the percentage of customers that remain with each operating system when activating a new phone over the twelve months ending December 2017.”

It is important to mention that the data found a range of loyalty from 85%-88% for iOS and 89%-91% for Android.

The report notes that the consumer trend seems to be picking an operating system and fully investing in it, creating steady loyalty for both Google and Apple. CIRP partner and co-founder, Mike Levin shared more:

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